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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

Saturnino wrote:
Masons are really pissed because after the internet, all their revered "secrets" don't mean anything. We have all the rituals, all the words, everything. Yes, what a secret indeed.
I have never said there was much secret involved.

AS you have the rituals, please quote the part where the masons rever Jabuhlon and use the name as the name for god.

Saturnino wrote:
Jabuhlon as the name of God is learned in the Royal Arch degree, the center of the York rite.
I had already told you where it was, adn that it is not the name of god and was stated as such due to a mis-interpretation. Why not write out the piece of ritual.

Saturnino wrote:
They play a buffonery where they simulate a trip to the Temnple of Solomon (again, you have to be very imature to participate in such a thing). Then the candidate learns the real name of God.
Seeing as Freemasonry has not god of it's own that is a little difficult.

Also if it had I don't think you would find the ratio of those that stay and those that demit would be much more in favour of those that demit.

You wouldn't have a few hundred outspoken people and half a dozen websites all saying the same thing word for word, you would have millions.

Saturnino wrote:
Bondi, after the internet, you can't fool anyone anymore.
I am not trying to fool anyone, merely trying to add to the resource for people to make up their own mind.

I haven't typed one Pro-masonry comment, only told you the masonic view on the anti-masonic comments made.

That is only fair is it not.

One good comment for one bad comment, let the people decide for themselves?
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