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Default Masonry Beyond the Light

The author of this book is not a reliable source.

Every group he has been apart of he has later decided it was evil, and guess what, written a book about it for gullible people to buy.

He found Jesus and was "saved", according to this book in 1984, but apparently received a Masters in Theological Studies degree from St. Francis School of Pastoral Ministry in 1980 during the time he was apparently not 'saved'.

Bill demitted from Freemasonry in 1984, had been a Mormon for some 5 years, 79-84 seeing as he was a Mormon when he was saved, which is also the same time he was getting his Theological degree? Seems peculiard that during his study he was not able to determine any of this, but only once he'd written a book he did.

Then if you read another of his books, this time on Wicca, he was apparently presiding over one of the largest and oldest covan of witches up until he left Milwaukee in 1984. Theres that year again, so he is not only studying, he is also a Mormon, a Freemasonry and a Witch?

He also says he was a Witch before being a Mormon, although his own words say he was one at the same time?

Bill is also claimed to have joined Palladium Masonry, a non-existant order that was made up in a hoax by Leo Taxil, who later confessed the order never existed.

Bill is also supposedly a member of the Church of Satan in 1975, and a Master Mason in 76, but how could he possible state anything towards a supreme being, God as an example, when a satanist who have no real deity.

Bill is also an expert in weaponry and for a small fee of $25 or so you can buy the tapes to explain it all.

Some of the other things you can purchase from Bill would be non-FDA approved health foods and products.

Bills qualifications are endless, according to his webiste he is also,

Naturopathic doctor
Nutritional Herbologist
and a Certified Natural Health Professional."

With products to sell you as well.

According to Stan Johnson, Bill is currently a High priest in Voodoo.

What ever next?

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