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It's too late! The curse of Allah is already on the Muslim world. This can be seen by the fact that a new understanding of Islam has been given birth in the United States. This new understanding of Islam reconnects humanity with the great wisdom that was brought by Muhammad to reconnect man with God. Allah says in the Quran that if a people refuses to follow him then he would select another people in their place. It's true that the Muslim world have the rituals, but it is the essence of Islam that establishes civilizations. The rituals of Islam came after the establishment of the Muslim community life. So in order for the Muslim world to regain the favor of God they must: 1.) educate the masses of people with not just Quran but math, science, computers, etc. 2.) give equal rights to women, minorities, nonmuslims. 3.)Place as must emphasis on establishing excellence in business, politics, and education as we do religion. 4.) create new scientific fields that will help man evolve his soul so he can be of greater use for all mankind.
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