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Default Re: Nice Mason people

Bondi wrote:
Saturnino wrote:

I have never been to that site. If I were, I would tell you.
Why is your list identical and in the same order then?

Saturnino wrote:Come on, man, answer the question: why so many pervs are Masons ?

Don't be evasive.
I have said it before, Freemasonry is like any other organisation, it has it's black sheep.

You cannot judge the group on the actions of a few.

An example - are the clergy the same as Freemasons?
Which list, man ? I am telling you, I've never been to that site !

Finally we agree !!! Masonry has its black sheep. Of course they have, they are the ones at the top. That's what I have been saying all along.
The rest just go there for business connections or whatever reason they have.

No other organization has black sheep like those pervs I mentioned. There is a reason. They use the organization to achieve their ends. Maybe not your specific lodge, but the overall organization.
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