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Default Re: Pat Buchanan: Osama and U. S. Government the Same

"Even us hicks way out here in the sticks with computers and "enquiring minds" know that the Iraq War is destabilizing the entire region of the Middle East and that it was in fact the objective all along. It didn't take a Pat Buchanan coming along 3+ years later to tell us that."

It was hicks like you who reelected Bush into office. So yes there is a need for someone to get the hicks to get their heads out of their a-hole and follow the smoking gun. It seems that as long as he say he is Christian and stick it to them damn blacks. He is the top choice for the hicks. The hicks are getting hurt the most out of all this. Their children are the ones going to fight and die in the war. They will be hurt most by all of the budget cuts that Bush makes. Bush and his friends are reaping billions of dollars out of Iraq, while the hicks talk about crimes committed by the Katrina victims.
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