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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

Billy one of the best posts on the site.
Nexus also makes very excellent points.
I agree that not all of the Jews are guilty. I still think it is brainless for socalled Christians to hate Jews, when Jesus himself is a Jew. In the Bible, the Jews who are the conspirators connect themselves with Jacob. We call them the Jacobites. They are basically ungodly Jews whose goal is to enslave mankind. They are the group who influenced Paul. They joked that their knowledge was so supreme that the light blinded Paul. It means that he did not fully understand what they gave him. God wants man to be free to worship only him, but satan wants man enslaved so he can worship satan. So these Jews created an ideology to enslave the gentile. This ideology has a double edge sword. It makes a superman on one hand and on the other it makes man lower than animals. Study history as proof. In Western civilization, we see a superman who has taken technology to unheard of heights, but then we see man acting worst than animals in his relationship with his fellow man.
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