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Default might as well write a book.. look at the length

there are several problems with this thread.

Firstly, all of you, Draken, Truebeliever and this fellow Khopesh, simply read half sentenses or simply do not understand the meaning of some writing.

That means that a discussion becomes VERY SLOW and makes me feel like I'm talking to KIDS.

Darken, you are imposing a self-revelatory interpretation into what I'm writing. I'm only comparing the actual life-situation to people ruled under various types of totalitarianisms.

I'm not comparing the theoretical foundations of the different political systems.
You immediately rush to the conclusion that I'm making a... "mistake" by mixing up these two factors.

How you have, privately, decided to define every word in the dictionary is of no value in a discussion. It is nice for you that you have met people who aggree with you, but most people do not. And that is not to say that everybody is fooled by propaganda. It's just that you are not keeping object and subject apart.

And then, if I START by explaining that I am explicitly NOT discussiong the theory, then why the adrenaline-rush rant about what the terms MEAN (to you) that you start with? Are you perhaps Goebbels himself, incarnate?

It's things like these that you just can't afford to get confused if you want to talk to people who actually have some time to listen!

And most people do listen, until you start screaming your rants. Don't put your ideas into my head, I don't want any precooked idea about your chilidsh fascist-happiness. I don't trust you and I don't trust any of the Christian Global fundamentalists that are taking over this planet with stupidity, greed and bibles. You gyus are so programmed it's unbelievable.

Any way, apart from that... my own little rant!.. hey, it's that kind of site.. people RANT and waste time. Me, I really can't move. Cast comes off in a few days but before that... stuck!

Now, Darken, about that fascistic love you have.
It sounds like a true lovely fairy-tale. Does this by any chance have anything to do with YOU? Did YOU possibly lose something that you felt you were BORN to and now don't have? Or your family? Tell me, do you feel YOU actually are BORN TO RULE?

If not, then why should we even listen to you?

If this lovely land ruled by fascism is created and you move in and suddenly it is known that YOU actually have the genetics to be a lowly carpet-cleaner... then you just accept it, do you? You just think, hey, Gosh! Look at that..that's my part in society that I gladly will play since all is decided by birth, anyhow. Yup, these other guys, they have this great level of before unknown blue globules in their blood, so, even though they are very lazy and just want to eat, they are BORN TO RULE!

You mention a lot of THEY and THEM and it all sounds fancy pancy schmancy but it tells me you're basing this all on a feeling. Perhaps what I wrote before, it's typical of people who have lost something or early on been told they are better than others (I'm not saying that you have, but please follow my reasoning, since you don't leave a lot of explanations for your grandiose and ominous words).

Your very short statement about Fascism carries immense amounts of preposterous suppositions. I hope you are aware of this and the intellectual provocation that brings to this debate. It means that you do not respect, in any way, my capacity for thought, and that you are hoping that I just simply accept the way you interpret reality as a matter of fact. This is BOSS-speak and it is unacceptable. This is also how religous leaders speak. This is how GW Bush speaks. Blanket statements about morality, them and us - with us or against us. I refuse to tolerate that.

If I am allowed to return to the practcal matters of comparing the fascist and communist regimes, we can see that they all eventually end up imploding, with great human costs. I don't like to repeat myself, especially not in the same thread, but in all fascidst/communist societies speech/opinion was killed first. Then religion (free religion). Then all jobs and ownership was transferred to the chosen few. Not those who were born to OWN but those who were "said" to be BORN to OWN.

No, "Ken", it doesn't sting the least in my eyes, what you are saying, we were all thinking the same thoughts when kids, and before we knew better and saw how the world really worked. It's just not possible to have a Fascist state without compromising all the important values that we consider benevolent to man.

The practicality of it, for one, is unsurmountable. You who propagate Fascism, have you ever considered what that would mean practically for a single nation? It seems NOT. It would be interesting to hear how you would Fascistate, let's say.. Belgium.

You don't know? Or do you?

If you don't then I would be forced to call you hipocrite.

I do aggree with you totally that right means the foundation of tradition and that Left is rather a world of modernity. Glad we could get that one down, at least. But don't get your hopes up. Order and Disorder have absolutely nothing to do with these two but with the rate at which social change occurs. If something happens too fast or too slow, in terms of social change, then chaos ensues. It is not a matter of opinion.

And thank you for explaining to me (a REAL anti-communist) that I'm influenced by Marx and Lenin. Yes I am! I believe it and all other totalitarian dogmas it to be a foolish political path to wander and a very seductive one for the poorer people (just like christianity).

Referring to Truebelievers Response;

OOOPS sorry I dind't know I couldn't speak about Australia at all, sorry sorry I shall never do it again. I'll just put a shrimp on the Barbie.. hee hee

Also, I have no interest in how you treat foreigners or how you behave towards immigrants. I was referring to the fact that you behave towards ME like you have some kind of preset form that dictates all my other ideas as well.
You keep calling me left without having any idea what I'm about. I don't even care for right or left, it's all bullshit to me. I'm here on this world to make money and be happy, and if I interpret what you wrote about yourself I am probably quite vastly richer than you, not that it means I'm better. Perhaps happier, yes. But hardly better or more worth. Is that LEFT? To you maybe.

CLing to your culture means you're a nazi? No no, that's not what anybody is saying. You're a nazi if you decide that a certain type of people are lesser than yours and that one type (your type) of people have more rights and priviliges than others.

About your well documented posts. Sorry, I have seen tehm before and the writings they are based on, during the last fifteen-twenty years or so. It's mostly crap and a lot of glue.

And last but probably not least;

Khopesh (shit I'm getting tired here.. only afternoon).

Dear Khopesh, the single most abusive member of this site is TRUEBELIEVER. Now, I do have to tell you, Khopesh. This site is not populated by a lot of balanced grownups. Some are VERY angry and probably spend a lot of their free time staring at the screen. The Truth that you are after will not appear on a screen, it only happens in real life. Khopesh, my friend. Alternativ ideas are debated constantly all around the world, by really really old people, by people in China, Malaysia, Argentina, Iceland. Even politicians discuss alternative ideas that are totally against what the prime-minister/president wants or says. Policemen discuss alternative ideas. All of the Arab world discuss alternative ideas. In the US more than half of the population still feel like Saddam actually had something to do with the Twin-tower destruction. In the Arab world loads of people think it was "the Jews". Now, is that peculiar or logical?

If you have an enemy that you oppose, do you ascribe him good or bad traits? If something goes wrong and it is difficult to explain exactly how it happen, do you use simple methods to calm your citizens by creating a single simple and clear cause or do you complicate things by describing a very long and tortured sequence of events?

You are very good to copy the statements of your friends Darkne and Treubeliever. It means you are buddies on this site.

However, it is silly of you to pretend that you know that there is a mass of Jewish rule in Hollywood. You don't know that, it's just what people say. People on this site can also lie, you know. And they talk so that you understand. They talk like ordinary people, like you and me. But politicians know that. Perhaps they have sent someone here to infiltrate? If they have, surely it must be someone that is clearly NOT an infiltrator? Surely, if the NWO-leaders would want to get to know who was writing bad stuff on this site and who they really were, they would pretend to be amongst the WORST of the conspirationists, right? Right Khopesh?

Regarding the future that you ask about;

why fear the future when you create it?

well, if you can create the future, then why is the world slowly dying from pollution? Why is Iraq becoming ruled by Iran and thus becoming a much worse hotbed of content for the Israelis and a much stronger force of opposition to the incompetent and confused coalition-forces? Why is the oil disappearing and companies desperately scavenging for new tiny rivulets of crude even as we speak? And why is fundamentalist christianity quickly becoming a great destructive force in the world? This is the power that guides Bush.
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