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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length


Dont read your posts? Feels like you are talking to kids? Mate, we have been answering you line for line but you and your mate BONDI have neglected to answer a SINGLE statement point by point as requested.

Matey, you dont even know the basic philospohic and practical differences between the fascism of Germany and the thuggish brutality of Soviet Russia so just where do we begin when we cannot even agree on basic terms?

I am not a dictionary and believe it or not I do not have time to teach you. Nor does DRAK or anyone else.

I have been at your point. No have a long way to go if you wish to understand how the world works.

I did not read your last post and will not be reading yours or BONDI's from now on. I already know what you think and i have personally moved on from that point beginning 5 years ago.

There are hundreds of good quality posts here...if you choose not to read them then i am not going to repeat myself adinfunatim.

Best of luck.


You know as well as I now Makow will soon pull the plug on me,
Please! I beg you Henry DONT! I jumped outta bed relishing the prose that would be before me here.

but before he does you need to know that the NWO will kick your flea bitten ass to hell, your attitude and foul mouth (which I am coping) will never allow anyone to take a cunt or dick like you seriously.
Yes, i noticed that your well bred English may be offended by me... :-P

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