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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

I agree John.

Enough people know now. When the shit hits the fan there will be trouble and enough people know who the enemy is.

These are dangerous times but also the decisive point.

I wonder how it will unravel?

After all, whats money? Whats the 'economic system'?

If the money dries up the wheat will still be in the fields, the car you loaned money for will still exist. The Japs cant dig up Manhatten and take it home.

I beleive the secret to their chaos will be the energy system.

They are going to creat a mammoth energy crisis under the pretext of "Peak Oil" and hold the world to ransom. War will be central to this.

Nothing will scare the peasants more than freezing or the lack of transport that will precipitate a food shortage.

Whatever they come up with the internet community is not making it easy for them.

I still hold out hope they may come to the brink but back off.

They must realise by now they cant win bar turning the Earth into an asphalt car park.

The doco "The Corporation" is a best seller. Others like it dealing in the subject matters discussed here do well also.

Too many people are clued up...i hope.

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