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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

Anonymous wrote:
"Okay, how did you know of the organisation?"

Hypothetically speaking, it could have been a myriad of ways.

Don't be coy, if you had an intent to join the Freemasons or Templers, it was because you wanted an increase in power/wealth/prestige. All about cultivating connections for the social/business climber, a kiss-up, kick-down type.

It would go without saying that one would be narcissist. Stuck in that hall of mirrors.
Fashioned themselves a real mover and shaker, very manipulative, a real Darwinist. Incapable and flawed by only thinking about themselves, hoarding, building empires, large and small. Someone who was incapable of thinking of losing. Someone predatory who was there for the connections and investiment tips. Beneath it all harboring a jealousy and hatred for all mankind. Superficial charm and obsequiousness got you accepted by those above, ruthlessness got you promoted.

To the Freemason, I am sure the lodge was a place to get their narcissistic supply. Bragging and forming cliques, oneupmanship. Then the pathetic maggots probably went home and sucked-up to their more manipulative persnickety queen of the universe trophy wives who actually had them wrapped around their little finger with a bat of eyelash and flip of hair.

All Freemasonry is is a vehicle to worldly increase for the predatory Darwinist-types. If your personal credo is the end justifies the means.

Anonymous wrote:
"That could it possibly teach you that you dont already know?"

(Very New Age of you. How Luciferic)

See above.

All the ritualistic crap - meant nothing. (Do you guys really show your man boobies and wear aprons?).

It should have been presented as want a piece of the Zionist booty? Be a part of the Synagogue of Satan. Sell your soul? God or Mammon. Serial bully by nature? Ah yes, Freemasonry. Can't PUT A MAN IN SOLOMON'S TEMPLE. Noone but a part of the Synagogue of Satan would do otherwise.

Anonymous wrote:
"Why would you join a SECRET organisation and want to reveal the names of the other members?"

Hypothetically speaking, I'm ruthless remember. I would do whatever it took for my self-promotion. If I could incorporate that information as part of my framework to slander a perceived rival and get away with it, why not. But I fly below the radar, I'm a good actor, I can adjust my outward behavior for situational ethics.

Anonymous wrote:
"I'm sorry your scenario makes no sense at all?"

Says who, you? That's like the word of God I suppose.

Anonymous wrote:
"I would have to ask yourself, if you know its a SECRET organisation, that claims to have secret knowledge, that it wont share with you unless you fit it, Why would you want to join it in the first place?"

See above.

Anonymous wrote:
"How have we got from your imaginary, incoherant, scenario to Freemasonry?"

Incoherant? Assinine; certainly are proving my point aren't you.

Because history says I am right and you are wrong and it is identical to the above scenario and you know it but you won't say it....something about whose your daddy!

Let me reiterate, unless you are at the pinnacle you don't really know enough to run a PR campaign. Because its bull (golden bull to you).

Isn't it indicative of their milieu? Of course it is. Get it - SECRET society. It must be so easy to manipulate the arrogant who can't fathom beyond their ego.

(Yeah, lets all get caught up in bizzare rituals and focus on the alignment of the planets to bring in the Aeon of Horus, to what decimate the world for Satan. Like you would be so important to be spared by the winner of the monopoly game.) If you put your hand on a hot burner, do you like it?

I am sure that those at the entry level DID NOT
give a rats ass about all the silly ritualistic behavior. You might as well have sat around and had a poker game, it was just something to do, meaningless to pass the time, the other agenda was what went on separate from all the idiotic stuff.

Luciferianism isn't that complicated - if your from Cain's seedline it is all you know to do.

Anonymous wrote:
"Maybe you should elaborate on what you are saying."

Hehe.. and maybe you should fall into a black hole, but I think I obliged you.

Anonymous wrote:
"You've created a make believe scenario, of a group of pure fiction, with requirements of pure fiction and characteristics of pure fiction and then made a claim of Freemasonry?"

So what. Do you lack vision? History says I'm right and you are wrong. Templer, Hoarder, Pirate, Satanist, Luciferian, Antichrist-loving, Usurper, World Decimator, Torturer, Enslaver, Mass Murderer, Snyogogue of Satan, Designated Loser of Eternity. Hence, very jealous and pissed off.

As I said, I'm so sure Freemasonry is simply THE RAGE in the UK. That's the hub of it all isn't it?

Anonymous wrote:
"Not really."

You lie.
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