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Default Re: B'nai B'rith-ADL Doesn't Represent Jews

Dear "this",

you got it, I'm a bit Egotistical, but hey, look at all these fancy names on this site! I just thought I would blend in. And I hurt my foot badly and have nothing better to do. And aren't we all here just for a laugh, really? I mean, what will any of this matter when the computer is turned off? It's not going to change the world and it's all just disgruntled people shooting the breeze. I don't think anyone here dares to talk publicly about their opinions, because it's too "shocking". What the hell, if you just know how to respect other peoples opinions, you can say anything. If you don't care what other people think, then yeah, duh! You will get yourself into a pile of trouble.

If you walk around saying that all fat people should be force-starved because they destroy our economy with their medical-bills, that's going to get you into trouble. If you however adopt the attitude that there is a large menacing future with the way the western world is overfeeding, then you are getting somewhere.

OK, damn I'm long-winded...

You were asking about something..

Can't see what you're referring to. I can, however, state again, that the largest threat to all society today is fundamentalism. Especially christian fundamentalism. It is a driving force and an extremely strong supporter of the continued strife between Muslim findamentalists and Jewish Militants. There is a vast movement in Israel to come to a very reasonable peace-settlement and it is not supported or even tolerated by the Religous Right Christian Movement. THey are not and have no need for support from the Jewish community, since they are , by far, more numerous, stronger and have a far older heritage than any other existing religous strain.

And since the bible is globally accepted as a moral guideline, and the very crude and insensible figure Jesus (who coined the aggression-phrase; If you're not with me, you're against me)that specific religion has a unique handhold over all of the worlds society. The Jewish society is just a patsy, an easy target.
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