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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies


Dear Akbar, if there is no information about the richest people, then how can there be so much knowledge about them on this site? How come people that are basically just normal people like you, except that you believe a little too much in what's written on the "net", know stuff that is "so well hidden"?
Just because you dont know anyone does'nt mean everyone is as illinformed as you.

I know things from friends of ex-army who work as body gaurds for the rich and shameless. Private investigators. SEX WORKERS!!!!!! (the best sources of info). Coppers and asset investigation units attached to police investigations. Night club owners and bouncers. High school teachers who have worked for the Saudi Royal family. Nannies (my sister worked for a filthy rish Turkish family for a year). Private pilots (my Grandfathers best friend flew Kery Packers plane). Tax Department employees.

As you can see. Stuff gets out VERY easily. I have recieved info from ALL of these soruces alone.

Next question...
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