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Default Re: Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage - Overcoming Qualms

No one has the market cornered on decency or debauchery. ALL the races of the world are capable of great destruction. It's just that whitey gets his back up coz he has to think about ALL his faults these days non stop.

I tell you, my views have changed ALOT these last few months. I am no longer under the spell of "tolerance".

With regards Wetern Civilization i am reminded of two quotes. One from Gahndi who said it "might be a good idea" and the other from the Monty Python movie "The Life Of Brian" where three members of the Palestinian Liberation Front are arguing..."apart from better education, running water, a legal system, representation and organised society...what have the Romans EVER done for us?" [paraphrasing].

We could of course say many good things about the world of Islam and their contributions to science and philosophy. In the end I think it is better that Muslims live amongst themselves and so do Christians. We can visit each other and live in co-operative peace sure of our values and place in the world.

I no longer want "multiculturalism" in my country. I will NEVER countenence violence against decent people however. That should be a simple given.

Of course i will have no say in this country as John Howard begins the MASS immigration of low pay workers to Oz in an EXACT repeat of the massive move to America during the 1900's.

Better get my land quick. Before the Globalists get it all.
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