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Default Re: Knocking Ruppert and The Mysterious Origin of Oil

Whatever my criticisms of Vialls I still recommend his site to people who are already aware.

Port Arthur massacare was an ABSOLOUTEinside job.

I'll write a little article if people are interested.

I mean it when i say Nexus is a good original magazine. It just irks me that sometimes I cant quote it in good company.

I know there are bizzare things going on.

Maybe there is a race of shape shifting lizards. Seriously, nothing surprises me these days. I just wonder about sites like Ickes which really poisen the well whether he's legitimate or not.

I dont beleive in UFO's or alien abductions. I definately believe in high tech U.S weaponry covered by the UFO phenomena. Read Nick Cookes "The Hunt For Zero Point".

He could be disinformation himself. I have enough of a background to believe most of what he writes.

His style smacks a little of "All The Presidents Men" drama which makes me wonder. He's a Janes Defence weekly writer as well which opens him up for an intelligence sub contractor.

Regardless it's a good read.


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