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Default Re: ***DEMONS in Alienīs Clothing***


This site seems to prove that Daemons are easily banished. So it would seem that they are not much of a threat. I haven't heard of anyone being drastically upset by those that have posted here. All is well.
DAEMONS are your gaurdian angels. DEMONS are DEMONS.

Was that a spelling mistake or deliberate?

For some excellent writing on the difference read James Hillmans "The Souls Code: In Search Of Character And Calling." A brilliant book and gives a little back to the dignity of the individual human being. That of course was the job of the churches before they set about pimping for the State.

On the particulars of this subject... I am open to the idea but I cannot get past the fact that I personally do not get these things happening anymore once I purged alot of shit up from the past. I truly believe, through practical experience, that "feeling" when pushed down and away from consciousness turns rancid if you will, and returns in demonic and threatening form to the point where it can even manifest in the time space world like what you described SHANNOW.

I had a dream where I was in an open green field and their was a doorway like a bunker entrance. I opened the door and saw a "spiral staircase" (DNA?) and demons were marching up by the thousand. I was terrified and slammed the heavy metal door shut. They were trying to break it down when a sudden calm descended on me and i opened it to face them. As they marched out into the sunlight they turned into men in their 20's (my age) and ran free through the fields rejoicing that they had been set free.

True story. ;-)
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