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Default Re: B'nai B'rith-ADL Doesn't Represent Jews

you got it, I'm a bit Egotistical, but hey, look at all these fancy names on this site!
"Nicks" are NEVER simple chance. They reflect an unconscious attitude. You should look into that. ;-)

Also...when are you ACTUALLY going to ANSWER some of the direct points and questions levelled at you instead of questioning peoples "character"? You see OL, when we are threatened by the unknown as you are on this site, we revert to "pigeon holing" the opposition in an attempt to "whisk away" the uncomforable feeling of ones world view being challenged.

Here is my website...

Their is a short doco (part 1) of the lie that are the homicidal gas chambers of Auwshwitz. Had a gander yet or are you just here for the shit stir?

Keep the leg elevated. ;-)

P.S People who do NOT answer my points directly are one of two things. Professional agitators or ignorent twaddlers who deserve a good verbal thrashing. You STILL do not know the basic difference between so called fascism and comuunism. If you cannot grasp this high school concept, then you are SEVERELY lacking in ANY capacity to "intellectual debate".

Is that clear "Hoppy"?
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