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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies

Ah! So you say that media is simply not attached to the truth, that there is noone of medias operators that is in lieu of that information that the friends of friends of Sheiks, bodyguards and sexworkers are?

I find that supposition preposterous!

You seriously (!!) believe that the information you get from your friends is impossible to attain by a journalist? Mind you, many journalists are not educated within media, they are simply a person who writes, whereby their writing is bought by newspapers.

You think very highly of yourself that you would be privy to such information, I must say.

Or perhaps you mean that a writer is simply afraid to write because he might be killed?

I know many writers who are not deterred by the mere threat of death. There are greater causes than ones self.

I'm thinking China - Falun Gong, I'm thinking Salman Rushdie - Iran, I'm thinking... I'm not going to tire you since you already stopped reading.
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