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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies is hard for me. You make claims on the level of mixing your fascism/communism again. There are so many hours in the day to correct you.

Ah! So you say that media is simply not attached to the truth...
Ha ha ha ha ha... next idiot question.

...that there is noone of medias operators that is in lieu of that information that the friends of friends of Sheiks, bodyguards and sexworkers are?
Absoloutly. They cannot mix in the exact same circles as me. When's the last time you bumped into an ex-SAS lackey who worked for a U.S company contracting out bodygaurds to the rich and shamelss?

I find that supposition preposterous!
"The world is round" - refer above quote for the Catholic Church response.

You seriously (!!)
With all my little heart and soul...

...believe that the information you get from your friends is impossible to attain by a journalist?
Several points to make here. Journalists get CONTACTED by people wishing to have their stories heard. I do not think ex SAS bodygaurds make a habit of ringing their local investigative journalist's to "tell all". Also, what makes you think the people who view these events and behaviours give ebnough of a shit about them to even warrent "ringing" a journalists up? The average Oz slob can bearly read a non-fiction book let alone write a letter or find the number for the ABC's 4 Corners show.

And even if they did...are you SO ignorent of the way the media works? Newspapers are OWNED by the very same forces we seek to expose!!!!!!!!! Take Kerry Packer. Local Oz media Mogul. He is RENOWNED for ringing up his editors and saying EXACTLY this..."you fucking prick! You're out. Get out now." Thats to one of his editors several years back over a story which I cannot remember. He did'nt like it. NO editor has been fired since. You soon learn who pays the piper calls the tune...

The media's job is NOT to inform but to SELL advertising. That is their ENTIRE reason for existing. They are a BUSINESS. They want to SELL stuff to a certain economic class of person. If you told people how the world worked they would get depressed and not go to work and not spend up. I strongly suggest you get Chomskies EXCELLENT doco "Manufacturing Consent" on the nature of the global media.

Also, if you knew of Operation Mockingbird you would know that HUNDREDS of newspaper editors around the world are DIRECTLY employed by the Intelligence services. Bob Woodwood is ex Office Of Naval Intelligence.

Mind you, many journalists are not educated within media, they are simply a person who writes, whereby their writing is bought by newspapers.
If you are freelance and write of these things you will NOT get many returned calls. That is why the internet blossoms for those who cannot be heard through the mainstream.

You think very highly of yourself that you would be privy to such information, I must say.
You know matey, this is why i call you a fucking moron and cocksucker. Because when I personally whip your ignorent arse and firmly attach your tail between your legs this is what you do. You attack me personally. I simply mix in different circles to you. I count on my "aquaintance" list organized crime figures, doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, drug dealers, sex workers, priests, armed forces, political speech writers etc... Only a week ago a friend went to a airshow with an ex IDF fighter pilot who writes the weapons and sensor system code for the Oz submarine fleet. You see, i mix in colourful circles but then that is only what God arranges for me.

Again, i simply state what "is". To write that little peice says ALOT about your deep insecurities when faced by someone who knows what they are talking about.

You need to address the deep underlying psychological complex that is expressed via your "nick". When you aspire to OVERLORD status and a foul mouthed Oz colonial keeps slapping your bitch face down it is a message from God.

Or perhaps you mean that a writer is simply afraid to write because he might be killed?
Hmmmm...i guess it's possible? ROFL at ignorence! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I know many writers who are not deterred by the mere threat of death. There are greater causes than ones self.
I note "mere threat". How about taking a risk and reading and watching what is recommended to you. All you have to lose is your incredible ignorence.

I'm thinking China - Falun Gong, I'm thinking Salman Rushdie - Iran, I'm thinking... I'm not going to tire you since you already stopped reading.
Yes, stop there because you ran out of ideas. Then turn it on me. How usual.

My advice to you my little neophyte of how the world works is this...

When your leg heals, leave the chair your in and walk out the front door. From right to left is the wild and whacky world in which we live. Drop the pretentious shit and OVERLORD aspirations and mix with the peasants. Never know what you might juicy gossip you might hear.
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