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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

I will now tell you of my personal experience with someone who I believe was mind controlled by probably illuminati-wanna-be's and is just down right narcissitic by bloodline but also abused and disasociated. Locked into repeating a pattern of descreased function via obsessive drinking and associating with sadists and deteriorating rapidly but obsessively needing to do this. OCCUPATION: MUSICIAN/SINGER - BLACK METAL BAND.

Gave a man carrying a toolbox hitch-hiking a ride all the way to the next state because he had been a mechanic and felt sorry for this man's plight and did many many sweet things and basically is a sweet little boy, but a very vile man - same person/two personalities.

I married a man after knowing him for a month once - 16 years ago. Text book Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde - But, this is where it gets interesting.

He was adopted within his family. He was the child of a niece. (A niece who was trying to manipulate a man with a pregnancy). Uncle (blood) and aunt had no children after 10 years. He was an attorney from Ivy League background. Wife an MSN in, cringe, geriatrics.

He: Long-term career, major insurance company. The attorney who jips people out of their settlements - all the time, even when it is legitimate. Left behind yet another niece who admitted being in love with him since she was a little girl (very LOLITA), okay. Had excessive multiple moves to different states over his career in one company.

Her: Charge nurse, major city metropolitan hospital, geriatrics. Major evil person/daily mass goer.

Knowing these people for all this time - they are a den of sadists. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad sadists.

The abuse I am sure fractured his personality and he does disassociate. :-(

Back to the Mary Bell case, notice her father was listed as a thief, mother a prostitue. HIGH RISK CHILDREN WITHOUT A CONSCIENCE had a continuum line of humans with Ted Budy/serial killers at one end of the spectrum, Mother Theresa at the other end. Thieves/Prostitutes were close to serial killers in their degree of being unbonded.

Also, I theorize that why many psychopaths have history of severe bed wetting - extending to remarkable ages - is that because they lack that internal sense of fear override which wakes you up. They simply - even while asleep do not have the capacity to care - at all.
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