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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length

Hm, can't sleep. My leg is hurting like hell. Healing well they say.

Draken, you sure sound like somebody that's taken upon themselves to alter the dictionary.

Sure, my good sir, mean whatever you want ith whatever words you want. Communism is democracy and fascism is..what?

You think I base my opinions on mass-media? My godd sir, this obsession with mass-media is such a phony excuse. If you count any type of scripture mass-media, a book given out in ten copies, single-issue pamphlets originating from the time of the events, please, see the real world instead of stay behind a computer. Go to the research-centers, look at the documents, hold them in your hands... how can that be mass-media? I know I know nothing will perturb the young and faithful. This is the world. There are billions of people with your faith and they all think they are the only ones who see the truth.

Many very destructive leaders also, lke you, base their belief on the "feeling" that they know they are right. They don't care for explanations or simple semantic discourse. And neither do you.

I dunno how the hell you can discuss anything if you just change the meaning of every word into whatever you yourself think it mans.

What the heck, this obsession with truth that you seem to have, there is no such thing, you gotta realize you have a big problem there. If you ramble on about truth and insist that you "just know" as you say, then how can you expect anyone who's coming from a scholarly background and amassed the reading-worth of tens of thousands of books to undersatnd just because you "just know". That's the most hilarious thing to say. To me, that means the opposite; You just "don't know" how to explain it. But you "feel" that it's right.

Hey, tell me then; You mean by your love of fascism that all Jews should be thrown out of your country wherever that may be? All coloured? What else, you as Fascist would do this I gather:

Forbid gay
Forbid abortion
Forbid inter-racial love
Forbid demonstration
Forbid Strike
Forbid Unions
Forbid Uncensored Media
Forbid Art that is not state controlled
Forbid anonymity

You mean that some kinda aristocracy should rule (this is toatlly absurd, everybody knows that a fascist totalitarian leader would and never have allowed the leading aristocracy, by whatever fashion, to survive) via a fascistic state? A state that by your own idea is NOT actually following the scriptures of Mussolini (who described the term together with Giovanni Gentile like this, translated by me from italian "State is not only the authority that governs and molds individual wills with laws & values of spiritual life, but it is also power which makes its will prevail abroad. For a true Fascist, everything is totally within the State and - neither individuals and not any groups are outside of the State... For Fascism as a concept, the State is an absolute, before which individuals or groups are only relative..."

What the hell, that's not very nice, is it? We all know where that will lead.

Or are you saying that Mussolini and Gentile were brainwashed by communist ideas? Perhaps Hitler also was a communist actually.. well, that's my theory - he did cooperate extensively with the communists together with Goebbels who was basically a socialist, but I know that you guys totally ignore this fact because it doesn't suit your hallowed belief.

I think you are very confused, that's what I think. However, if you are around twenty, and I'm pretty sure you are, then you will see that when you get a few years more under your belt, you will see that it's not all that simple.
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