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Default Re: Lynn vs Mary !

That's right, she just slings her shit, ever so nicely.

Re-read her posts, my dear.

I don't start fights, I finish them.

Ahmad, or shall I say "God's messenger" is the one stirring it up on this thread. And he's another one, just like Lynn, preaching to everyone that they're going to hell if we don't follow his religion. Don't they make an unlikely duo??

There are truly beautiful religious people and then there are the religious nutbars.

Lynn is so innocent? Give me a break.

I have offered Lynn many olive branches and as the "Christian" she is, she refused every one. I'm happy to wipe the slate clean and I won't be condemned to hell by any sad sack of shit, here at this forum. God is the only one who can do that.

It's the soul-condemning assholes on this site that I like to toy with. Sue me.

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