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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

The link provided at the top of this string Where Did Evil Come From, in and of itself, is 100% scriptural.

I am sure the church suppressed this because it would have changed the course of history.

But in the year 2005, we can no longer keep our heads in the sand about this.

Did you wonder how any man could have committed the atrocities in history - well no MAN did.

David Icke is not a Christian writer, no, but that does not mean that a non-Christian can't describe a tree, a building, whatever. He is describing the phenomena from a non-Christian perspective. The tree still exists.

I agree with you about generational curses - some common ones are suicides in families, alcoholism, drug abuse, early death, involvement with sorceries, maybe adultury and fornication, too. SERIOUS BONDAGE, BUT THE PERSON HAS AN AWARENESS THAT THEY ARE CHOOSING. IT IS A MATTER OF FREE WILL OR THEY COULD NEVER REPENT. A NON-CHRISTIAN COULD REPENT OF SINS. A manifestation of the Holy Spirit.


There is NO KNOWN CURE for an adult psychopath - none - no exorcism, nothing in science - NOTHING CAN ALTER IT AT ALL.

Yes, evil has a seductive lure which lead many to sin. Sin, even though a person was say a prostitue, or a thief, or a murderer would be forgiven - IF THE PARTY REPENTED. PSYCHOPATHS ARE NEVER GOING TO REPENT.

The concept of just what a total lack of conscience implies needs a lot more exposure. The careers of an adult psychopath are nothing but a string of atrocities. Even the successful ones are chopping off peoples jobs and job functions when they can't chop the people up - but they would chop the people up if they thought they could get away with it. Under the mask of sanity lies nothing but RAGE - a hatred for mankind - no wonder though as they are more akin to machine than to human.

P.S.: I think ducks are awesome. So cute.
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