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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

Saturnino, I agree that demons are demons, and it makes little difference where they come from -- extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or even mental anomalies -- they are still evil, or else they would manifest themselves openly as did Jesus and all of the other great prophets and thinkers of the ages.
I also believe that those with sociopathic or pyschotic personalities have the most difficult time finding salvation, for the reason that neenafoof cites, that they function on an animal, almost reptilian level with no semblance of conscience of spirituality; however, even if they are from generational bloodlines, they still have to retain a certain amount of human genetic encoding, so I suspect that their spiritual development is only suppressed, not permanently attenuated. In short, I believe they can change and come over "into the light", but it is an enormously arduous challenge for both the person so afflicted and anyone attempting to intervene on their behalf.
It is also possible for some people to function as "part-time psychotics", as a consequence of schizophrenia or multiple personalities induced by trauma-based programming like the MK/Ultra Monarch projects of the Nazis and CIA. They will display this cold-blooded, "reptilian" behavior only within certain alter identities.
Still, it creates a real conundrum re freewill and salvation, since some of these individuals do not appear to have any control or choice over their own lives.

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