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Default Re: "The Truth Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz" - A Must Watch!

Interesting video,I found it on a torrent,only [problem] is,David Cole the young guy in the film has completely retracted his [story].
Whether he was threatned is another conspiracy I suppose.
A problem? With his "story". What was his middle name? "Brothers Grim"? Shit, i thought i was watching a laying out of the "facts".

Hmmmmm. This has happened before i believe. Someone stated the Earth rotated around the Sun but the religious nutters of THAT day managed to prove it wrong. After all, did'nt the guy who make that claim retract it?

Please note the idiocy of your statement.

I dont care if he "retracted" full of joy. The fucking facts are the facts. Too late to put 'em back in the box old bean.


There is no problem.

Only lies and liars require the law to protect them.

If you dont get it then you are simply a fool. No more and no less.

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