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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

It may be true that there is a limit that when surpassed, allows no coming back. The Bible says there is a "searing of the conscience" on those who engage in continuous sin, so it comes a time when they don't care anymore. In my opinion, that's what being a psychopath is.

However, sin is sin. Without Jesus, killing someone or just being envious is enough to send one to hell. So God sometimes saves one of those psychopaths just to remind us of that and to humble us, so we wouldn't think we are superior or that we don't need God.

I agree with TB that it is hard. But intercessory prayer plays an important role. The case of the Satanist Rebbeca Brown evangelizes in her books is an example.

What I don't agree is that psychopaths are "lizards" or descendants of Cain. That's totally non-Christian. Some people used to say that blacks were Cain's descendants and you know what happened.
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