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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length

Cut and paste time…

TB wrote:
Stick to the tone of this thread!
I have no idea what the topic is, am just pissing on fires.

Overloaded wrote:
“…how can you expect anyone who's coming from a scholarly background and amassed the reading-worth of tens of thousands of books to undersatnd just because…”

“…but I know that you guys totally ignore this fact because it doesn't suit your hallowed belief.”
It is said that much of university reading is skimming, read the intro carefully, and pay attention to the conclusion. Skim and cherry pick along the way. Otherwise it would take a lifetime or more to read (properly) “tens of thousands of books”

You are about 4 years behind in grasping certain concepts, and it might take you 4 years to realize that. I believe Confuscus said that all the important things aren’t written down. They don’t tell you some of the most important, and possibly subtle things in university. It’s up to you to figure them out, and most won’t. A know it all is even less likely to discover them. Nobody is more deceived than the one who thinks he is so clever.

A couple topics come to mind for our learned one… Benjamin Freedman’s speech of 1961, and ol’ Gramsci: forumpost16934

There’s many more topics we discussed before OL dropped by, but none that would interest
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