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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

Look, if you read the links that I posted it explains it perfectly.

Arguing for the sake of arguing makes no sense to me.

Trees are nations, trees are men and branches are obviously bloodlines.

Fig tree - Israel. What happens in the spring meant the creation of the State of Israel. A generation shall not fully die out before everything in the Bible comes to pass, or shall I say fruition.

The tree did not seduce Eve. The Serpent did and ate means something other than fill your face or why didn't she cover her mouth, if that was her embarasment.

Trees can denote: Good tree - from God.
Poison tree - from Devil.

Goats: From Devil.
Sheep: From God.
Goats on the Left: The left-hand path.

Wheat: From God.
Tares: From Devil.

Serpent/Dragon: DEVIL.
Your father the Devil: 1/2 SERPENT.

I just don't understand where the disconnect comes in. The links explain it SO PERFECTLY - THE WHOLE STORY WHAT THE BIBLE IS REALLY TRYING TO TELL YOU. Its an entire story, not just random things taken out of context.
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