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Default Re: On the Road to Rock Bottom

George W. Bush has three more years in which to destroy the bases for America and he will probably accomplish the goal. When the average person is so foolish as to vote for a person who says that they support tax cuts for the rich in order to reactivate the Regan trickle down economy, what can be said. This type economy does not work and it never has. Most likely Bush became president by stealing the first election and maybe the second, but the results of having him in office should be apparent to all Americans. I for one have no problem with a scaled down low profile lifestyle. I enjoy a simple life, but most Americans live for the American Dream, a completely false situation. Americans are totally programed dreamers walking, so in the next three years George W. Bush and company have a good chance of bringing about their vision, an obscenely rich American elite (self proclaimed) and the rest. The truly scary thing is that the rest will worship the rich and have no idea of the reality they live in.
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