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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

Strange posters... :-? Just say vague insults and run. Nice.

If you were talking about me, I'm not gone - but had to sleep sometime. :-D

Demons, yes. Read Malachi Martin Hostage to the Devil. But, I believe that the Catholic church's belief that only their priests can exorcise is not based in Scripture. Jesus did not say that. Also, the whole confession thing. Supposedly, that has you covered in case your contrition was not perfect. Uh, the Bible doesn't say that either. YOU MUST BE REPENTANT. TOTALLY. Maybe you wind up backsliding after that moment into the exact same sin, BUT WHEN YOU REPENT - YOU REALLY ARE SORRY THOROUGHLY, NOT JUST A LITTLE.
And be able to forgive, everyone who has EVER wronged us.

I believe that if someone is demon possessed, there will be a lot of phenomenon if it is only a partial possession. When I am saying phenomenon, I mean levitation, words manifesting on the skin, etc. A total possession would be almost seamless.

Psychopaths cannot be EXORCISED. Demons nothing; how about literally being the child of the Devil.
Demons tempt/oppress/possess. A psychopath is not tempted. They do not have a human emotional construct to feel emotional conflict that temptation implies.

AH, COME ON, NO RAPTURE. Jesus would not treat His sheep like that. I hate to be redundant but last time I checked a sheep and a goat were two totally different creatures. A goat does not BECOME A SHEEP. He takes care of ALL THE SHEEP, one way or another. But, not all are SHEEP.

In the Gospels, Jesus Himself states what it will be like when one is taken from a field, the other left. Read the parable of the wise virgins, with their lamps and oil. And it is not at a time when all hell is breaking loose either. And although, no one knows the exact day or hour, take heed of the prophets knowing it is getting late.

Again, back to what the Fig Tree does in the Spring. That was the creation of the State of Israel. Jesus states that the generation that sees this shall not fully die out before the Second Coming - and as I type the hair on the back of my neck is standing up when I typed that.

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