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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length

That really got everybody going!

Draken pretends he will not answer me and others tells me that I'm a stuck up programmed "scholar".

Look, you guys. If I*m saying I've read 10 000 books, it's not supposed to mean that I'm such a smart ass that I know much better than anyone of you. It means that I need more than what you're giving me.

You give me these devious links that are full of programmation-talk. Look, the link that THIS sent me is basically a front-page "how to control your reader" article. It is written in a classic sectarian bible-format. It starts out describing how everything is not what it seems, insinuating that your normal reading and your normal sources of info are crap (now, I do have to say, Fox and similar Rupert Murdoch-channels are not news, it's entertainment and back-patting for the religous right) and then progresses to insinuate that some channels of info actually are OK. That's BS. NO channel of info whatsoever is OK.

I repeat: No info is unbiased! Your programming from your parents and your upbringing decides what you believe. And then you just search for info that strokes that side of your ego. That's the sad truth. The feeling that you "have come to an understanding" is just the opposite...

you have just come to the fulfilment of what you were brought up to believe.

And Draken, I obviously touched a very sensitive nerve since you don't want to answer me. That's fine. I understand. These are serious issues that you need to think about. Fascism is a very compicated issue, it's not just glorious flags and a fantastic future for you and your ilk, it's hell for so many others. DO you wish hell upon other people?

Just so that you understand, Fascism means that you (if you are a fascist) will subordinate people so that you yourself will be of the elite (if you think you will be elite).

ALso, and this I would really wish to have answered, but Draken refuses... Perhaps Unbeliever, since you seem to have the same supposition?

If you are a stout fascist, what do you intend to do with all the people in the nation-state that are unfit for your regulated state? What about married gay couples? What about mixed couples? What about factory workers that are being abused by their bosses? What about culture workers not getting paid at all? What about journalists getting shut out of work because they disaggree with the party-line? WOuld you allow free speech? Would you allow free love?

Where is the limit for modern-day fascist like you?

Please respond!
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