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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length

I just had wisky again and thus I'm slightly uncontrollable...

Therefore hold your hat.. I'm starting to come undone as the disaster relief coordination expert I once thought I was.

As a way of emphasis, I must stress that I am entirely unsatisfied with the hollow response that Draken gave me. These kind of half-hearted escapes just gets my goat! It upsets me to some degree that your/his intellectual stringency is not higher. It upsets me in a similar manner that you/he allow/s your/himself to be lesser than what I'm sure you/he could be. But some people limit themselves. Perhaps you are afraid of success or brilliance. It is upsetting that A person avoids self-explanation just because they are afraid of their own inadequacy. Perhaps you have been criticized early on by teachers, parents or friends. Your ambition quenched by low self-esteem? Thus feeding bitterness into this kind of reasoning? What do I know? I'm just a cripple! But we all want to hear your response!

BUT! I get the distinct feeling that Mr Draken is very disappointed and that he is allowing this to feed into his general hatred for his surroundings. There is a bitterness... The way he compares me to an insecure and obtruse schoolgirl ("I'm intelligent, I've read things and then the "laugh-character") is entirely sad. It is not at all funny, it is very very saddening because it speaks to me about someone who tries to defend himself. Don't you see that I am a nobody? I'm nobody you have to demean in order to feel good about yourself and your reasoning. And why use a stupid girl as an example? Is that the worst you can think of? A stupid girl! I guess ...girls are stupid then.

If you really are provoked by me, then why not use heavy artillery? Or perhaps that is your heavy artillery. You really think girls are stupid? OK, I'm going to leave that. It's getting too personal. That is not my intent. But it also upsets me that you compound my preconceptions about this site. I wish that somebody here would surprise me. Instead I'm getting hundred-year old arguments and constant intellectual escapes. Every time I ask something, people get upset, insults me and says "I will not read your text anymore".

When you ask me a question that I already have answered, it means you simply don't understand the words that I have put together. That is frustration- deafening.

You stated that Fascism was about purity and aristocracy and about letting the righful people rule. Reading between the lines I felt you meant you and those you belong to should rule. That somehow you belong to an aristocracy that were supposed to rule. (Is that so?)

Continued -

I wrote very recently (and this is frustrating on a magnitude higher than before) in response an entire essay explaining that Fascism actually means (according to the founders of Fascism) totalitarian state-rule and that Italian and German Fascism very easily verifiable started with the destruction of any regulated business, allowing the capitalist bosses regulate everything, disallowing strikes and allowing any type of wages, thus introducing - in practice- " slave labor". I also explained that in every instance of FAscism, the leader of the fascist state has been supported by the poeble, the workers, and have destroyed (murdered) the aristocracy of the country, because that would be the first place where dissent would start. That is just impossible to refute, unless we are about to change the whole way we look at the english language. Lets speak french, I'm all for that. Or other Roman languages. Or German? Warum nicht?

In response, you wrote:

"Exactly what words have I redefined to suite my ideas, according to you?"

well... duh!

Also, Draken, I must say that you definitely have not studied an academic subject beyond high-school. Let's not kid ourselves. This is not a role-playing-site, is it? You are NOT an established historian. That is just too obvious. Don't get insulted now, I have many friends that never went beyond high-school. It has to do with how you explain and how you allow your reader to follow your thought as well as how you interpret another text- this one would insult you, for instance, whereas a scholar would simply respond word-for-word. Polemic intercourse is a standard and daily exchange for university-students.

And stop talking about mass-media. It's just childish. I know very well how mass-media works. I use mass-media for my own purposes in my business. It's predictable and it's market-driven. Especially in some countries. I never get any useful information from mass-media, for my work I call military officers on site that I know and trust and I also use sattelite link to journalists correspondents that are free-lance, not so many these days as there used to be but still quite a few, it's a way of life and many do it even though they don't earn enough. There is also members of medecin sans frontiére and the truck-drivers.. god bless them.. Oh. that's right, there isn't any god! ANyway..

I repeat:

tell me then; You mean by your love of fascism that all Jews should be thrown out of your country wherever that may be? All coloured? What else, you as Fascist would do this I gather:

Forbid gay
Forbid abortion
Forbid inter-racial love
Forbid demonstration
Forbid Strike
Forbid Unions
Forbid Uncensored Media
Forbid Art that is not state controlled
Forbid anonymity

DAmn my leg!!

HAve to go

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