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Default Re: Psychopath/Dragon/Reptile - READ ABOUT MARY BELL

Hey book-o. You need a name change, okay. No flaws in THE BOOK cuz I know there is a story important to you behind the name, but at least 50% of the time people will think its the other book and if they just see your name....well, uh...

Gives out dark-vibe subliminal.

But I think book-O is rather keWL.

I know, I pick up on that third person thing.

Its Leviathan right or HaShatan (Mithraism). Right here in this link - read all about it.

Oh, that abominable book The Pentagon's New Map.
The offensive position NWO military is called the Leviathan force. You know, one of the first
messagers of the posse comitatus issue on C-SPAN.
Clues #1 and 2.

Two interesting points in that book, but basically that man can speak on C-SPAN for hours and say nothing, a very broad-based mm deep presenter; however, lets do the clues in the book.

He has this one errant chapter called the Big Bang Theory about what eveyone on the internet knows about 9/11 - but it is like finding a dollar bill in a book - the book is well indexed - uh no mention of any topic in that segment in the index. Clue, #3. Well he gets on C-SPAN and tells callers what a nice guy Perle and Wolfowitz really are. And hey they ARE SOFT SPOKEN AND POLITE, aren't they.

In jest or not, who knows? - he calls himself the REAL FOX MULDER. Clue #4.

Is all gung-ho over China. Clue #5.

Graduated being distinguished as "The Best and Brightest", Harvard. Clue #6.

This so peaks my interest.

Another shocker for me was DARPA the logo was bad enough but really now I.A.O. That's Crowley. It is a formula. And the Europa/Beast and headquarters build after the Tower of Babel. See picture in Link. All DARPA's program names too. Remember DARPA with the casino betting type scenario on where the next I think they call them VERTICAL EVENTS will take place, bone chilling stuff, truly.

If everything happens for a reason, please, please everybody look up. 2012 is not that far away and that is the year that screams the loudest, isn't it. GO GET YOUR LAMP OIL!

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