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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies

Ha ha ha Dear Truebeliever! You amuse me. You were supposed to stop reading my posts!

I find your irritation suggestive of something similar to interest. That is why I linger and write these painfully long novellas.

You really are irritated at my meaningless follies.

Every time I choose to flourish my fancies, you interpret that as a weakness. I have nothing to threaten you with, yet you attack me. It's such a silly game. Why we continue I do not know. Probably you really have nothing better to do with your life. Like everybody else at this forum (like me), bored to death. You really hate your job, don't you?

Look at the following text as a polemic contribution, not a provocation, please:

Do these very connected people know that you write on the internet about what they in confidence tell you? I'm sure they will not be happy if they knew. You are being very disloyal, revealing their secrets. Or perhaps they don't care. Perhaps they tell you these stories because they know you WILL write everything on the internet. Because no other writer will. And they will not care if they are hurt because they are looking forward to death and pain. And perhaps because everybody else, except you, are afraid to write these stories. All other writers that are professional only write about cooking or television shows. Absolutely all other writers except people like you are controlled by a very dangerous mass-media.

Furthermore; It is absurd that you feel you have to explain to me that media is a vehicle for PR-commercials. Of course they are! Most television and printed media is a advertising-vehicle-business. That is nothing strange. Why even mention it?

For my business I annually contract security riding trough various areas where our vehicles (trucks mostly) need protection and our representatives need escort. I have dealings with these kind of people on a regular basis, I need to know them basically even though I don't like it. When I stay on site in foreign places I somethimes live with weapons-experts. I have consulted with war-experts about territory that I am about to enter with my company and those experts I hire as speakers sometimes have written extensively about their experiences (Yes even SAS-and Seal/DELTA-soldiers write books) with great sales as result. They even advice on computer-games and movies. What about it? I hear stories from them that never get fully explained in media, unless you need to study the case in detail. Theses people don't have to hide anything, it's just that normal people don't care.

Your story about OZ media mogul is just the thing we want to avoid, a boss wantonly firing people. That is not how things are supposed to work, and that is exactly how Fascistic societies are built. Work-force insecurity free-speech removal is the first sign of Fascism and Communism (theoretically not the same but in practice...extremely similar).

I cannot see you whipping my behind anywhere. It just doesn't hurt. Are you using invisi-thread? Perhaps you are using a soft stroke. Or perhaps your hands are very soft and flabby.

Actually I don't even see the need. It's just such a silly thing to say. Yes, it's amazing all that you have done. You earned your earlier money in drug-selling you say? You used to protect sex-workers from violence? And now you meet with stock-brokers, lawyers and war-experts who programme submarines? That is totally amazing! Especially when you find so much time every day to stare at your computer-screen. You should be a writer. Why do you feel the need to write about anything on the internet when you could write for movies or a magazine that will buy your story for many thousands of dollars.

Either because you care so much for your fellow humans and you want the truth to be told, or perhaps you need to just talk to somebody. You want someone to listen to you, desperately. OK, we're listening. You don't need to assume this heroic and tragic character to get listeners.

We listen anyway. That's why this forum is here. Shit, I'll listen if you have any trouble even if you're the most uninteresting person on the internet.

And I really find it amusing how you insist on imagining how you slap me around. AS if a god wanted me to be slapped wround for my insolence towards a wiser more heroic Australian.

You see, there is no god. Only me, the OVAHRLOARD! Meee meee I AM THE OOOVAAAA LOOAARRDD

(I thought the name would blend in perfectly amongst you other people)

I mean, truebeliever... what kind of name is that? Sorry it's private to you, can't touch that. Akbar? That's basically the same name as me.. Nomad.. gosh that's touching. Draken... that's nordic for Dragon, not too shabby. Goes well with his odd Fascistic/aristocratic fetish. So what the hell. can't blame a guy for trying to be funny. And obviously ...failing since you all think I'm bloody serious about such an over-the-top ridiculous nick.

Ovvvaaaa loooaaaaaaahhhdd
Mooooaaaa haaa haaa haaa
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