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Default Re: David Icke Symbolism Archives/Illuminati Card Coincidences

In the name of Jesus. A Christian has authority over demons. Do not be afraid.

I agree though about the fear. But suffering is a gift from God. Truly. It benefits the Kingdom.
Evil people do not suffer, they make others suffer. They are all about control and winning in the world. They rage with defiance; they do not suffer.

I've noticed that the most evil people I know tend to be very lucky in the world, in matters of health/wealth, etc. This seems to increase their belief in self not God and conversely as the increase in the world they become deadened spiritually and not very happy, despite having health/wealth/power - its never enough, just doesn't satiate without the love of the Lord.

People who truly know the Lord seem beautifully radiant through their tears. With a peace and joy that is not of this world.

If you are suffering, you STILL FEEL - Praise the Lord. It is a gift. Says so in Scipture. Perhaps it has coredemtive value, or the collective cry of the Sheep will hasten the Lord's return, or it at least extends your capacity to empathize with others suffering.

Sights with Scriptural passages about suffering being a Gift from God.
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