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Default Re: The Nazi Bush Regime

"The slippery slope to fascism begins when the government puts the interests of corporations ahead of the rights of the people and their interest. Remember only people have rights; paper institutions created by society have no rights; they only have an obligation to serve the public. When they fail at that they have lost the right to exist."
Thats a fair comment JIMBO.

I guess then that we need to review the mainstream view of Adolph and da Nazi's as "fascist". I now prefer "Traditionalist/Nationalist". Or "Tranat" for short.

Adolph had over 30 attempts on his life from 1938 on. With good reason. He actually believed he was working for the good of Germany/Western Europe and his tribe. "True" Fascists (corporate lackeys) fixed that one up.

I'm quite happy with this new term. Think it will catch on? ;-)

I'm being completely serious by the way.
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