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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.

The buy American motto was good several years ago, but due to globilization of the multinational companies. How can we be sure that buying socalled American goods are not owned by the Chinese? We must know that the Chinese are much clever than that. As a businesss man, I would be. They would simply buy an American company keep the name and most of the employees and just make profits each year. They don't need to change the name or the empoyees as long as they are good workers. The world is a global economy now. Those that hold on to the belief that they should only serve their own community interest will be lost. The focus now is how can you produce products that will not only serve your community, but also the entire world. The companies that provide excellent service, loyalty to both consumer and worker, continued product growth and diversification will be the victors in the future. China has an advantage due to the fact that they have cheap labor. That will last for a couple of years until their workers began protesting for higher pay. We should require any company that provides business in our area to have at least 30% to 40% local ownership and employ at least 30% to 40% of the local people. This would help to prevent exploitation of the local area.
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