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Default Yes, I want to be a Mason!

Hey all.

I happen to be 15 years of age. And I WANT to be a Mason. I've read all I can on them for 5 months and 9 days. I REFUSE to look at the Rituals, as it would hinder my progress.

I am a member of the Order of DeMolay, and my initiation is in 7 days. Here's the website: .

Yes, my Mom knows I'm joining. She signed the petition. She will even be SITTING IN to watch my Initiation.

All I want you guys to answer me with, what do you say?

I am no "Satanist", and I don't even think you know what Satanism is.

Satanism is the belief that you are god and denying your human nature means you deny your own godliness.

I am NOT a Satanist, as I believe in YHVH. (That's the Hebrew spelling for GOD. As in the CHRISTIAN God. The Jewish call him ADNI meaning "My Lord".)

What you guys confuse Satanism with is, Diabolism. Diabolism is the worship of Satan, Belial, Belzebub, etc.

The terms are so mixed up.

Why do I care to know this?

Man's GREATEST sin is probably IGNORANCE to the TRUTH regarding Masonry, and DeMolay.

"Thou shalt know a TREE by it's FRUIT."

Maosnry has done NOTHING bad, except for the cases of a few individuals. But you CANNOT judge one person in a whole organization. There will always be a rotten apple on a generally good and healthy tree. It's common sense.

Peace to you all.

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