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Default Re: Yes, I want to be a Mason!

truebeliever wrote:
Like I said...after the "initiation", keep the soap on a rope.

Do they get hookers in these days for the young un's or do you just go to a brothel?

Oh...and 'peace' by the way. :-P

P.S Ever thought of joining Little League baseball? I hear kiddies have alot of fun their? How about "World Of Warcraft" on the net? Plenty of teens there to. You can pretend to be someone else there as well. To your hearts content. ;-)
Sorry, I'll pass on ALL of those. WOW - I hate Warcraft. I never really got it. And I do have friends that play it. And they certainly are much better people then you.

And I'm NOT trying to prtend to be anyone. Is it so ahrd to believe that a 15 year old can have decently good spelling, and command of punctuation, and capitals? I just think your being ignorant.

And why do you assume I'm a Hooker?

I doubt you know the origin of the word.

It goes back to when Gen.Hooker would parade around, and have girls follow the Troop - and they were called "Hooker's Girls". Anf hence, it has been shortened to 'Hooker'. Well, shows the general intelligence of a few people here.

As for that, I haven't been to a Brothel ONCE. Nor toa Conclave, etc. I've only been to a DeMolay chapter meeting.

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