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Default Re: Yes, I want to be a Mason!

freeman wrote:
Since you can't even find the right thread on this forum to post this topic, I have no doubt that you are everything that Freemasonry is looking for, so I say...go for it, Gavriel.
Hey, those Tubalcain pins are so rad, man! 8-)
Funny you mention that, I did miss the topic.

Now, question is, did YOU ever mispost a topic in the wrong section?

I'm sure you have, or will once in your intenret career.

Just because I like the Masons does NOT mean that I am pure, spotless and all knowing. Only God is, and I am not God, not even in the least bit.

I noticed a hint of calling me 'dumb'. I would normally report that post, but then you'll say something abusrd about the Masons, and how they're giving you a double warning, and the Illumaniti controls this Website, or some other crud which is just untrue.


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