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Default Re: Knocking Ruppert and The Mysterious Origin of Oil


I've never bought the Aliens are coming.

At heart it's an (heres my favourite word again) 'infantile' fantasy that some wise and all knowing being is going to come down and tell you how to live your life and make everything all right and absolve you of all responsibility for the state of the world.

In previous incarnations it was God. Then Jesus was coming. Now it's Aliens.

The only 2nd coming will be a psychological state where human beings take on their roles as 'active' citizens protecting the rights of the individual to life, liberty and the persuit of a good latte in a good cafe by the sea.

God acts through human beings. Thats why God gave us 2 arms and legs. A brain and hopefully a big mouth and a set of kahouna's...TO USE THEM!

But I digress...

Maybe they're (ufo's) updated SAAB Viggens with more landing lights?

The first 'sexy' plane with that shit hot foreward canard which says-------->

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