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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

Sounds about it Freeman.

Interesting where that 3 trillion dollar Pentagon shortfall went...lots of underground bases perhaps?

The more I think about it the more I believe they will back off.

I agree about Bush.

His deliberate reckless actions and never ending references to religion tell me he is the classic Hegalian principle point man in action.

He is the religious nut proving that religion is dangerous and that this hard line religio/fascism is too much.

Finally, the people, brought to the point of dispair and possible nuclear exchange will be begging and screaming for a New Age/Secular/Liberal/Touchy Feely Commune living/Hudrogen Car Driving President perhaps with a foreign accent.

All the answers will pour out of his mouth. Every nightmare brought to us by Bush will be swept away by his loving hand... "Not to worry world! The U.N has finally gotton rid of that evil fascist Bush. We are the Good guys".

We will take our 'chips' and our retinal scans to get into our 'villiage' communities. We will wave as Lord Rothschild flies overhead in his private jet as we get onto our public transport.

Lord Sauron drives privately of course...he might catch one of those enginered viruses on public transport.

Oh yes! Fabian Socialism at it's best. Threaten to take the whole house then just take half and you'll feel like it's a good deal.

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