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Default Re: might as well write a book.. look at the length

Hmmm.. trying to tease me? Are you a spell-checker now? That's very cheap ha ha. But you take the shots you can get, I suppose, if that's what you're after. And trying to point out that I'm a rather coquettish polemic, using emotional flourish to my comments. Ah, that's a bit grammar-school, isn't it? "Tee-hee" He said "Upset".. "tee hee he said it again"

Anyway, I'm not drinking from the original bottle and it says Llagawyllyn here on my crystal seal, written by a Scot. How the hell should I know? I saw him drain it from the storage, and that's enough for me.

You are not trying to convert anyone? You mean you just like to wallow in misery about the state of the world? Together with others?

And throw around grave grave accusations and inspire great deeds in others who are more proactive than you, and now are retracting your own words? What is that?

If you are a fascist, then stand by your word!

If you are a devout Fascist, then don't hide behind the mutual aggreement of those of your ilk. That of silence. For, when Fascism actually does take power, and it has in various countries over the years, the reality strikes the populist support with an iron fist.

And that is what I have been saying and you have not been denying it.. (so deny it then!)

Forbid gay
Forbid abortion
Forbid inter-racial love
Forbid demonstration
Forbid Strike
Forbid Unions
Forbid Uncensored Media
Forbid Art that is not state controlled
Forbid anonymity

Or perhaps you are just a follower, not a leader. You want someone else to lead since you don't feel up to it?

Don't hide behind the, what you call it, "leftist" counterattack. I'm no "leftist", I've spent many years helping victims of Communist and Fascist regimes escape and communicate with the outside world.

Your appreciation of Fascism and your hatred of Jews (that's what I understand from your writing and your links that so reflect your personality in lieu of own confessed opinion - you do like to hide behind links) is rather odd for someone of your age. It must be inherited from somewhere.

Just have to reason something... So... you want the Aristocracy to be reinstalled in society? While at the same time having Fascistic rule (doesn't make any sense). But you let others think for you, that's not so good (that's the impression one gets when faced with constant links instead of a good reason). Anyway.. Must mean you your family belonged to Aristocracy before, East-bloc perhaps? Polish or Hungarian? Typical anti-semitic countries all through history. I read somwhere in your comments about hungaria. But the nick "Draken", that's Nordic for the boats the Vikings used, "Dragonboats". "Dragon". And then, that's also a re-association to ancient Aristocracy, vampire-talk, Vlad Tepes and such. But in Hungaria presumably, not Carpatia. But you are too young to have experienced Hungarian Aristocracy. So must be your parents, or grandparents. They fled from communist Hungaria... and they used to be Aristocrats but not any more, and fled to Scandinavia boat?

And they have taught you about the Jewish.. yes, that's it. It makes sense. I understand now, Draken. That's fine. I'm sorry your family lost all their Aristocratic titles and possessions and servants and land but you have to get past that. That was your parents life, or even your grand-parents. Of course they put a shine to everything in their stories about the past.

Your mission in life is not to make them happy but yourself. You don't owe them anything.
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