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Default End of the road - it seems

Ah! I knew it. And you are not ironic, I actually hit the spot. But it was not a guess, it's all there between the lines of your writing. You do spend and awful lot of time on this site. Unemployed? No. They are usually not into single-malt or Aristocracy. Aristocracy.. hemm.. and you speak of the importance of high artistic and cultural values. Some kind of graphic designer..? No, your symbol is too crude (no critique intended, you just didn't spend time on it), writer? No, you don't care too much about words... musician then? Classical music? That's very "aristocratic". And they don't necessarily have an academic education. That's my best guess. But Disillusioned. You have time enough to sit here and search for obscure links... so, violinist but not soloist in an orchestra? 2nd violin in back row? Never got your shot at the solo-parts? Something like that? Is it close? Someone else alwasy gets the first seat? Am I being mean? It's just so much fun, this.

And now you don't want to play any more. That's how it goes. You rather disappear than confess your creed. I have to say it's typical. Like many truck-drivers I've worked with; they sit around and shoot the breeze, drinkin beer and blaming everything on the Kurds or the Greek (depending on where you're working, in Poland or Hungary, it's the Jews. On the Balkans it's just about everybody, they really have a capacity for hate. Shit they do hate black people, trks, arabs...and their neighbours). And what do these truck-drivers say about their favourite object of hate; they are filthy, they steal, they corrupt our purity of our country, they rape and behave like monkeys, and the government doesn't do anything to curb.. wooooh what I would do if I had the power..

So when I ask them, "yes, what would you do if you had the power?"

then they can't say a bloody single thing. They haven't thought that far. However! They are very happy to sign over the power to somebody who confesses to exactly the same populistic outbursts of antipodical positioning as mentioned all over this site. But a person like that (fascist-leader) has actually thought it all out.

A fascist leader will remove your right of free expression, your right to anonymity, your freedom of movement, your freedom of religion, a fascist leader will control your freedom of protest and strike, he will remove the freedom of consenting sexuality and the fascist leader will remove the womens right to their own bodies, such a leader will arrange a system-scale of values depending on what group of people you belong to, depending on race and background, a fascist leader will remove all priviliges of the upper and middle classes and create a new upper class that is dependent on absolute loyalty to the one leader.

It is strange that you are not explaining further how you can see anything positive in this.

Anyway, cast is coming off soon, can start walking in a day or two, so you'll be rid of me.
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