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Default Re: Yes, I want to be a Mason!

Ooooo, you can happen to say the same thing over and over again. That's spam. Consider this post reported.

Have a nice day. is busted MARSALI!

You will be called to the Principals office! [finger waggle].

I dont give a stuff it is a 15 year old. The Masons (as opposed to the paedophile Demoolay) take their kids to a brothel usually or call one in. Not all mind you.

ANYONE who comes on this site is up for it. I am not here to be polite. 15 year olds should not be here. Neither should people pretending to be 15 year olds.

Any idiot who wants to join a "club" to materially better themselves can quite frankly go - get - f^&%$d.
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