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Default Re: Dis-information.


Because I read your post I posted mine. And I feel this more than answers your post.

I have no reason to think that you are not a sincere believer in a reformed Islam. But sadly what you propose goes totaly againts what is written in your holy book ) and in the traditions and history of your system, and you cannot change that.

Unless you are proposing a new muslim testament with a new profet there is no future in what you expose.

In islam the more you depart from your writting the more humane it becomes unfortuantly the reverse is true also.

I will not answer a verse by verse debate because it will lead nowhere. We can be here shooting texts against texts for the next 20 years. I go to directly to the root.

Peace be with you Ahmad I wish no ill but I will always stand against what you and your brethern say. Because God is GOD of Love.


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