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Default "Judea Declares War On Germany". 18meg WMV File.

Hav'nt even watched it but I'm so pissed with what is happening to the likes of David Irving and others that on recommendation I've put it up. Along the same lines as David Coles work - "Behind The Gates Of Auschwitz".

Truly, do the extremist elements of Judaism and the nuttier Zionist think they can get away with this? Locking people up for questioning the 'official' view of historical events?

They are either incredibly stupid or the plan is to make Jews throughout the world SO hated for this idiocy that they run back to that organized crime ridden shithole, Israel.

The Elite their are leaving in droves for South America and also Oz, through New Zealand. I am one "tolerant" middle class nobody who is getting real pissed and real motivated over this. 18 meg WMV File.

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