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Default Re: Movie File Detailing Jewish Involvement In The Communist Revoloution In Hungary. Good Viewing!

Had to take it down due to space considerations.

I think it's a good example of Jewish/faith involvement in subversive movements in Europe and I will e-mail the 5 meg file on request.

When people say that PARTICULAR "Jewish involvement" in subversive movements is a myth, I show them this film. It is not "proof" but it introduces people to why Europeans inparticular are what the mainstream call "anti-semetic".

I also have another small clip where the son gets some Jewish fatherly advice over the sons wish to marry his cousin. Here is the short dialouge. I have no space on the website but will e-mail the 4ook file on request. It's worth watching.

Want is not a word for us. God "wants", we "wish for". We must obey what God wants of us. I did. He teaches us to live without power or lust. Two things that bring us to destroy other people and us. And in return He gives us knowledge, the ability to read and interpret, and He gives us family love.
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