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Default MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

I was watching TV today (which I rarely do), and switched it to MTV. I saw this black guy with diamond dentures, jewellery like the bloody queen of england, talking about his wealth, and how it was the most important thing in the universe. There where some bitches-in-heat dancing around there too of course. Anyway, as I watched with my jaw on the floor in disgust, it hit me...
"Looks like our time is running out. Looks like society is on the brink of collapse. Looks like the world should end any day now." These were my thoughts, out of the blue, as if something else had said it.

Anyway, so a couple of weeks ago, I found out about these 'chemtrails'. I went out side and guess what? Chemtrails streaked across the sky.
(Note - The chemicals dropped contain BARIUM and ALUMINUM. Why?)

So I’ve linked these two together. Seems to me, that we are seriously being screwed over here. Imagine feeding guinea pigs rat poison (watching them munch away in delight of the new strawberry flavour ‘yumyum’). That’s what I sense the human race is going through. If not sky-dropped chems, then by some other means (LIKE FLUORIDE IN TOOTHPASTE? What’s that about? Fluoride is a TOXIN!).

So what are these chemicals doing to us? And why is the media putting on such a good show? (Yellow smilies painted all over an STS hydrogen bomb to make it look like a kiddies rocket ship ride, only without the coin slots).

Peace and love.

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