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Default Re: This Is Getting Whacky. Problems With Site.


Are the OFFICE BOYS here?

Majorly weird. :-? But in trying to fix the problem, gave my computer a much needed tune-up so I am flying but just not here.

I can probably load the dishwasher while a page loads.

I think I remember exactly what your saying about hitting cancel on some weird popup.


Did you get any really weird "fileS"? Work offline - flash anything like that.


And a file went to my media player - flashed something really weird and then I was stuck with this THING: UPDATE2. Tryed to connect, neededed an upgrade to play, so started to initiate but was something attached to Zango to open so I just deleted it.

But this was all last night when the site went from flying to PETRIFIED STONE. :-x
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