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Default Re: MTV, Chemtrails and The destruction of the human race.

I've heard a lot about fluoride in tooth pastes and the water, but did you know they feed little 1mg pills of the stuff to kids? They used to give strait fluoride pills to kids each morning for their teeth and they still do. Now they are intergrated with vitamins, so it has a daily value label. Take a look at this...

And then take a look at the amounts recommended on the back...

Notice anything strange? It's not a real clear shot but I think you can make it out. It has a * for the amount of fluoride for the day! There is no safe amount! This was prescribed by a pediatrician...I've explained to my mother that it wasn't good but it's like trying to explain things to a fence post. So she keeps feeding it to my little sister, 1mg per day on top of what's in the tooth paste, or in the fluoride mouth rinse the school was pushing. They even had a program where kids could go to the nurses office each day for a fluoride rinse! This place is insane and I feel like the only person around who notices any of this stuff.

It's really sad, I can't even help my own family never mind change the world for the better because no one will listen. I could provide any documentation and explain it clearly but doesn't matter.
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